Friday, November 6, 2015

What is a Global City?

"These are not accidents. These are conditions that arise always at least partly from human agency. 

Where there is poverty, we did this. Where there is death, we did this. Where there is war, we did this. What we do not mitigate or reverse, we cause.
Ours is the fault for slain children not just now, in every nation, but throughout time, and from the beginning. We did all of this, for we are not slave to our impulses and the demands of survival. We are not puppets to the whim of nature. We are humankind. We are mighty beyond measure.
We can choose a different way."

We have proposed the foundation of a unique municipal corporation and enterprise on the Moon, calling this entity a "global" city.

A global entity is one that transcends national and state boundaries such that it is not a part nor does it arise out of any particular lesser political order. Rather, a global city is a city established under the notion that the Earth itself and her population constitute a political order and identity. Citizens of a global city are citizens of the Earth, for the Earth is a political entity called a world, and it is one among many. In time, this obvious truth will become increasingly glaring, until the light of it can no longer be ignored.

Until that time, we shall continue to insist that everyone look upward, and realize that we are on a planet in space, our environment is not restricted to this world alone, and it is our manifest destiny - if we would long endure and thrive as a species - to colonize the worlds of this system and develop their abundant resources.

We should start small, on the microscale. Let us begin by establishing a laboratory for socioeconomic and political development: a global city, incorporated on the Moon, and organized to take advantage of ample energy production and mining prospects available exclusively in that unique environment.