Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How is Space a Social Agenda?

Too many of our words are used to tell stories of hate, or violence, or outrage. We spend too much of our time on trying to hurt one another, get ahead of one another, or beat one another at some sort of game that doesn't even have a name. But this game has cost countless human lives down through the centuries.

In the past, the struggle between groups of various sorts, marked by various characteristics, can perhaps be forgiven because the human family had little awareness of its true condition. But we do not have the luxury of ignorance, anymore.

We know that we live in an environment that is never truly stable, and that our comfortable little world is the only one of its sort in this solar system. We know that this planet has been subject to a series of mass extinctions. We know that massive rocks, floating through space, can strike us and blast away all semblance of a livable world. Asteroid impact is a real and pressing danger in our universe.

We know that there are finite fossil fuel resources, finite clean water reserves, limitations on protein production. There are crop yield limits that cannot be surpassed without significant innovations. This planet, as things currently are, can only support so many for so long... When the critical point is reached, we must either fight each other, or break new ground.

For new ground, we have two options: Space or the Oceans.

To turn to the Oceans is to turn inward, to quibble further over international boundaries and real estate ventures, and to tap resources that are located on this earth, thereby cutting further into our truest and deepest reserves.

The more logical path is to consider the fact that our environment is not limited by this planet. The solar system is a better way of seeing our current range. Eventually, we will colonize other star systems - but we have a lot of work to do in this system, first!

Space is a social agenda precisely because of these facts. The divisions and petty distinctions that we fight over are meaningless in the face of the task ahead of us. We must build mining and agricultural communities on the moon and in space between the earth and the moon. We must commit to having stable communities supporting a permanent population of over 100,000 people on the moon by 2065.

The amount of industry, energy, research and development, technical engineering, and related activities required to meet this goal is staggering, and every nation will be enriched by participating in the effort. When the emphasis of this species fundamentally shifts from collective fantasy - intra-species conflict - to collective reality - species destiny - our sense of shared struggle and triumph will weld the peoples of our world into one identity.

SPACE NOW is a project of, by, and for the Human Identity, which will one day sweep aside all of the cruel, ignorant, and backward thinking of those who focus on faction and division.

Those who claim to work for justice are often wolves in sheep's clothing. They insist upon championing causes, but the record of history shows that the causes and the victims are not ever truly helped. Instead, the demagogues help themselves, and let the people they claimed to serve languish or burn.

SPACE NOW does not claim to offer perfect justice, or total liberty, or absolute equality. SPACE NOW expects that we will all continue to struggle and ponder over these essential ideas for millennia to come. We believe the discussion matters, but only in one context and in no other: Global Unity will get us to Space, and the shared struggle and triumph of getting to Space will bring us to Global Unity.

Working together, we will be unified.

We believe that what makes SPACE NOW different is that it is not a demand for particular policies or economic outlooks. It is not a proposed budget or a request for social services. It is not a fixed agenda of required interactions, or draconian language and opinion controls. It is instead a movement of pure change, designed to bring about resolution through rational revolution. By increasing the demand among the peoples of this earth for genuine, long- and short- range programs of off-world colonization, industrial development, and energy production, we encourage global leaders to answer the call and make the necessary investments of time, treasure, and expertise.

SPACE NOW creates jobs, opens new industries, and expands our horizons both literally and figuratively. SPACE NOW opens minds and drives revolution in education, emphasizing truth, reason, and hard science over feelings, opinions, and identities. It changes the fundamental philosophy of every person: The earth is our home, but it is only the beginning of our journey.

To get to Space, we must put our best foot forward. We must meet the challenges. The unifying goal must be broadcast across this earth, and it must beat a constant measure: SPACE NOW. Every child should grow up knowing that the Future is Up. Tomorrow is above your head. Become an engineer, or a pilot, or a navigation specialist. Become a psychologist studying the effects of

SPACE NOW demands that areas of deficit production on this planet - regions struggling with poverty, famine, and want - be revitalized and re-envisioned as production centers, resource gathering complexes, and/or research and development hubs, with all output focused on the construction of an international spaceport.

SPACE NOW demands that a large-scale, experimental orbital community be constructed in low earth orbit by 2050, and that said community be capable of supporting over 1,000 permanent residents.

A variety of promising techniques and technologies already exist in this world that could be applied to these goals. But there is no comprehensive, global system in place to facilitate such an effort. SPACE NOW aims to change all of that with your help. With a united voice, we the peoples of this earth can demand change. We can bring about a fundamental shift in thinking on this planet.

We can make it happen.


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