Tuesday, August 11, 2015


SPACE NOW is a global initiative of unified purpose and profound importance. We demand the immediate re-base of all global activity upon the foundation of a space-faring, global society, with the goal of expanding the potential for human survival by spreading out and colonizing other worlds. Eventually, we will colonize other star systems.

WE ARE THOSE who have determined that time is short, the hour draws nigh, and the judges of history are expecting us to act. We will not hear reasons against this initiative, because there are no valid criticisms of its fundamental underlying principle: Humanity must expand or die. We must build bridges and arks, and we must begin the work NOW.

ALL RESOURCES must be reallocated accordingly. Research and development, industry, communication, transportation, and energy production all must be prioritized and put to singular purpose: humanity must spread out.

CHANGE is INEVITABLE, and those who know how to ADAPT to CHANGE will THRIVE.

THIS EARTH is not the limit of our environment. It is the beginning of our story. We must learn to work, live, grow, and wander in SPACE.

WE DO NOT undertake this cry unto humanity in jest, nor out of fancy, nor from mere fictional inspiration. Rather, we are committed and convicted with absolute certainty. Our environment is all around us for trillions of light years. We trust in the wisdom of basic logic.

OUR EARTH is but briefly suited for life, and in geologic and solar time, it will swiftly be barren again. We can see these processes at work here, and elsewhere. Our science is good. Our researchers are diligent and competent.

WE SEEK a RESOLUTION through rational REVOLUTION. We seek to convince global leaders that this is the essential priority: humanity must spread out.

The equation upon which all of this is predicated is a simple one, elegant in its accuracy and beauty. It is a product not of mathematics or physics, but it acknowledges these disciplines in its inspiration. The equation defines the truth for all life as we currently know it in this universe.


Where R = Resource, P = Population, and X = Conflict (war or other violent action). In essence, when the given resource pool is sufficiently stretched, and its status is a sufficient stressor, violence will result.

Because of this, as our numbers increase, our resources become ever more divided, and our conflict evermore inevitable. We must either reduce the number of people, or increase the number of resources available to our civilization.

The answer to the problem is above us. We can look up and see it.

We take it as true - indeed, self-evidently so - that time continues to tick away, and the worlds whirl through the inky depths, and our population grows. So too, our resources dwindle. We see faction and riot, misdirection and manipulation, exploitation and degradation everywhere. Alongside these cancers are many beautiful things, things which have much merit and should be preserved, even if it is only we mere humans who think it.

We demand that humanity have the basic intelligence to know not to KEEP ALL ITS EGGS IN ONE BASKET. We demand that humanity have the basic sense to DIVERSIFY ITS BONDS. We should know to have a CONTINGENCY PLAN and to be able to distribute our numbers such that should a great disaster befall one portion of our people, another portion should live on. It is our duty to survive, change, and grow.

We insist that the only thing of importance to the people of this world is the development of more living space and resource gathering, refinement, and transmutation (into products). These things must occur off-world. These are not dreams or silly science fiction fantasies. They merely escape us because so little effort is made in the effort to ensure the survival of our species.

The time has come to stop petty disagreements over versions of texts, descriptions of forces, ideas about justice, or beliefs in principles. The time has come to build tall ships, and choose stars to sail them by. It has come down to this: Either you understand SPACE NOW, or you do not. But if you do, then you know that you have a duty to your ancestors to make your life about ensuring the future of our kind, and a duty to your descendants to make sure that a prosperous future is possible. We should settle the other worlds of this system, learn to live in space, learn to grow food and produce power in the depths of space, to manufacture in space, and put aside all impediments and attitudes to the contrary.

If a political agenda is not constructive of means to the other worlds and the stars, it is not important. If there is hunger in a region, ship food to it, so that the citizens there can resume the work of building factories, energy production centers, and technological research facilities for aerospace and off-world colonization activities. Take the great surplus wealth of the bloated persons and organizations of this world, and turn that surplus to the building of arks and bridges.

Accept no substitutes. Insist upon a logical and reasoned approach to the collective business of survival. This puddle of ours will soon dry up in the sun. We had better learn how to jump to other puddles, before it's too late.

We accept no alternatives.

There is only one choice.


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